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Child custody situations aren't always fast or easily resolved. Often, both parents have strong feelings as to who will be granted primary custody of children. It is important that you meet with us to determine the circumstances of your child custody case.

Herrbach & Woodcox knows how important your children are to you. If a divorce is threatening custody of your children, trust in our over 35 years of experience to get you the best results under Indiana child custody laws.

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Although it is often assumed that all child custody cases must be determined in court, this isn't true. If you and your spouse are on amicable terms, work

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Remediate child custody

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• It is never assumed that only the mother is to be awarded custody. Both parents are qualified and suitable

• Custody is determined for both legal custody (decisions about welfare) and physical custody (where the child lives)

• Although taken into consideration, the child does not determine where he or she lives

• The court will decide if one parent is more capable of meeting the specific needs of the child

• Many factors affect how custody is granted

How does Indiana law affect child custody outcomes?

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