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Our attorneys represent both you and your loved one in all personal injury cases. Get the help you need for your pain, suffering, or disabilities. Trust us to research your case and find the best options for all your needs.


• Accidents

• Slip and falls

• Premises liability

• Medical expenses

• Wage loss

Both William Herrbach and Mark Woodcox offer the most experienced representation for your personal injury or criminal law cases. With over 35 years in practice, we have been helping families get the aggressive representation they need for every dispute they are in!

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for personal injury cases?

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• Drug cases


• Felonies

• Traffic violations

• Juvenile offenses

• All criminal matters

• Federal and state courts

• Violent crimes

• Sex crimes

• White collar crimes

Herrbach & Woodcox

services all criminal cases:

Get affordable representation for all your criminal cases. If you've been accused, work with our attorneys for the personal care and representation you need to reduce your sentence or charge. Trust us to find modern ideas and legal assistance to help make the legal system less intimidating. Let us support you all along the way!

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